Crypto-mixing: new rules of cryptocurrency operations

by Alvin Ramon

Any transactions with cryptocurrency are usually transparent. At the same time, many owners of bitcoins want to remain anonymous. For them, unique services have been developed – mixers that allow them to increase privacy with the crypt.

How to provide anonymity for crypto transactions?

Cryptocurrency transactions are considered anonymous and safe. However, each crypto operation is recorded on the blockchain. An external factor determines the efficiency of anonymity and security of mixing: anonymity depends on the number of clients, and the protection of mixing depends on the moral and professional qualities of the developer: his honesty and professionalism. So, the anonymity of crypto-operations is ensured by:

  • mixing,
  • enabling pending transactions,
  • sending for mixing from different addresses and with a time gap,
  • the delay in the time of the return shipment,
  • method of payment or commission for mixing,
  • early formation of chips before the creation of a deposit by the crypto owner;
  • crypto-transaction technology without personal participation and without storing cryptocurrency in a personal wallet.

What is crypto-mixing?

Crypto-mixing technology allows anyone to send their bitcoins and receive new coins in return to another address: no logs, no tracking, just total privacy. You can anonymously buy anything, secretly pay for online services and goods, hide your wealth in cryptocurrency, or store money in multiple wallets.

The address for receiving crypto coins generated by the mixer is valid for no more than 24 hours from the moment of creation, and other crypto coins are not accepted to this address. For the duration of the mixing, the owner of the crypto coin receives a letter of guarantee, a wallet address, and a code. These details prove to the owner of the crypto coins that he owns this amount of crypto coins and can count on technical support.

So, modern crypto-mixers carefully check all purchased digital currencies using the latest algorithms to provide complete anonymity and privacy.

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